Nicola Rae


Artist and Academic Support based in Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Libraries

Interests in digital making:

My art practice involves visualizing sonic frequencies often live and interactively through the use of sound emission analyzers. Learning more about Arduino and open source coding is enabling more hybrid uses of both the analogue and digital within my practice. Increasing awareness and experience of experimenting with emergent technologies for different projects could lead to new ways of working.

Contribution to the Collective:

My network of international colleagues established through participating in various exhibitions, have become involved in collaborating on events with our Digital Maker Collective through my suggestions. Members of CYLAND with their collaborative teams of artist–engineer–programmers have produced complex and engaging interactive digital practice and performances.

What you get from the Collective:

Co-learning, co-producing and collaborating in an informal learning environment is the most productive aspect of the CCW Digital Makers group for me. Open learning structures encouraged within extended Lab events will continue to develop in interesting ways.

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