Old Bananas and a Synesthetes Proces from LCC

Explore the use of raw data representation to produce objects and a Synesthetes Process with students from LCC
When & Where: 
TATE EXCHANGE, Level 5, Switch House, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG (12pm - 5:30pm)

Callum Griffiths is a graphic designer interested in both digital, analog and potential crossovers in-between the two. Old Bananas, New Bananas, Foam Bananas is presented as a design fiction — a combination of fiction, science and design which playfully questions mankind’s growing obsession with data collection and the problems that our reliance on big data presents us in accordance with Baudrillard’s theory of simulation and the simulacra — this project plays on the re-portrayal of reality via data by taking a real-time video and using its raw data representation to produce objects that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Designer and musician Jack Warne's practice spans the realms of the digital and analog. His piece “A Synesthetes Process” aims to communicate the undetermined phenomenon of Synesthesia (a phenomenon where one sensory experience evokes the experience of a different sense). Using his skills within music production and graphic design he uses an analog visual synthesiser to aid his process allowing his Synesthetic experience to come to life.

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Callum Griffiths
Jack Warne
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