Wonder Wall - Student-led Crit

Student-led crit is a series of crits led by students. Its purpose is to encourage ‘exchanging’ ideas of people from different backgrounds, looking at certain art/design works, activities and any other subjects, in more intimate, relaxed and informal environment.
When & Where: 
TATE EXCHANGE, Level 5, Switch House, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG (12pm - 5:30pm)

Exchange your ideas in relaxed, intimate and informal student led discussion groups

Roundtable Crit

A maximum of 5 people from different backgrounds from fine art to design will bring their original work, which can be ongoing or finished, to discuss in a group of around 10-20 people. The works can be presented either physically or as good documentation. Anyone is welcome to join the conversation or observe the crit. It mainly targets those who are already interested in and working with digital technology in art and design.
Duration: 60-90 minutes
Scale: 10-20 people including 5 presenters
Location: Discussion space run by Joey and Saskia in the Base Camp

Walking Crit

A few students will lead a small group of people in this crit. We will either walk around or stand by the wall to look at the activities happening in Tate Exchange space on the day (approx. 20 mins) to get an idea of what emergent digital technology is like. We will them move to a nearby gallery space in Tate Modern to work on an activity where participants consider how displayed artworks can be re-created or could have looked different due to the emergent digital technology. We will provide a A4 work sheet (one side with brief description and illustration of digital technology i.e. AI and IoT and the other side with selected artworks on display in the gallery space with brief description of its concept and production method). We will ask participants to freely go around the gallery space and work on the activity for about 10-15 minutes. The group will then discuss each other’s idea brought up in the activity.
Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
Scale: Approx. 10 people
Location: Tate Exchange space and selected gallery space

Crit on the Wall

Anyone is welcome to send a photograph and short description of a work via email or to bring a printed photograph and text to be put up on the Wonder Wall. Public will take part in the crit by leaving their thoughts, questions and opinions on a sticky note. New works will keep being added and displayed till the end of the project. Each day, the written discussion on the wall will be shared on social media.
Duration: It will be displayed on all 4 days
Location: “Wonder wall” in Tate Exchange space

Event Image: 
Mika Suetake (Chelsea BA FA)
Sarah Lynch-Jones (Chelsea BA FA)
Cem Hamlacıbaşı (CSM)
Alexander Fefegha-Etta (CSM)
Photos from the Event : 

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