Virtual Reality Symposia: Virtual Histories

So what is being done with Virtual Reality, what are the implications and potentials for the fields of Art and Design?
When & Where: 
TATE EXCHANGE, Level 5, Switch House, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG (12pm - 5:30pm)

Virtual Histories: A short history of immersion: What are the historical events in Virtual Reality that have brought us to this point? We will look at the technological developments that sought to propel us into parallel, simultaneous and virtual space. We will explore the history of immersion and simulation through Virtual Reality and Art and Design practices as we seek to plot the points that map our trajectory into our virtual futures.

With: Kevin Atherton, Peter Maloney and Tim O’ Riley

Event Image: 
Pete Maloney (Chelsea Staff)
Photos from the Event : 

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