What’s Happening Week 9-13 Jan 2017

Happy New Year Everyone

Tate Exchange Associates programe officially kicked off today with Central Saint Martins as the first associate event, there was a press briefing this morning and you can see news articles here.

Meet ups this week:

11-01-17 Visit Tate Exchange Central Saint Martins session

This is a great opportunity to see what/how & join in Central Saint Martins event at Tate Exchange

It’s on all week so can go anytime in the week, but the 11th Jan 2017 date (we understand) is the main day and will have lots of digital stuff going on, and its a Weds so same as our days, so can see how busy it gets.

Please arrange to visit & meet each other in small groups through the day 1pm & 6pm, observer as much as possible and bring any observations back to the group, or comment on this post.

Getting Ready for our Tate Event:

We need to push on with planning for Tate Exchange so please start engaging others in your projects, create a blog or facebook page to generate external interest and start to run some workshop sessions: Rosie & Daniel have offered some Physical Computing workshops this week to help train up members so they can get involved see our instagram pages.

Other stuff this week:

If you can make this Virtual//Needs Reality Talk/meet-up at CSM tomorrow night it looks good line up info here

Digital Maker Collective App

We are looking into creating a Digital Maker Collective App to support communication and interaction before, during and after the Tate Exchange events at Tate Modern. If you would like to be involved in the development then please leave a comment below.


Next Week ​16-20 Jan 2016

16 & 17 Jan: We are holding some Virtual Reality workshops at Wimbledon College of Arts on V
18th Jan AM:  18-01-17 Space Intimacy meet-up - Have we lost our private lives to the internet?

18th Jan PM: 18-01-17 Tate Planning Drop-in afternoon
19th Jan: Physical Computing/Robotics Workshop/Collabration with school children in A216 part of Tate Planning plus possible VR workshop (not related to schools workshop)

Want to get involved in any of the above and dont know how to then please email c.follows@arts,.ac.uk direct.

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