22 Feb: Deconstructing the Digital @TateExchange

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Explore resistance, activism and risk taking through creativity, taking things apart, experiments, performances, interventions, and conversation

22 February 2017 at 12.00–17.30

Drop-in and work alongside the Digital Maker Collective and guests in this pop up session.

Read more about the event on the Tate website Deconstructing the Digital

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Collective Base Camp 12:00 - 17:30

At the centre of the event will be a large participatory Digital Maker Base Camp, a space to develop agile and experimental projects led by members of the Collective. The camp will evolve and respond to themes, public interactions and our invited guest maker activities, interventions, debates and performances.

Join a hive of interconnected digital maker experiments and create new work and ideas to take forward together:

  • Virtual Reality Projects (With VR Explorers)
    Work alongside students as they explore VR in both spatial design and fine art practices
  • Open Maker Studio (Machine-MindBio Feedback, Raspberry Pi, Arduino & EEG)
    A space for general work in progress and experimentation, please pop-in for a chat. Explore anything from virtual, mixed/augmented reality and virtual/real interventions, to creating artificial creatures and utopian or dystopian worlds. Use sensors, microcomputers and biofeedback devices to create interactive objects & interactions.
  • Tech Workshop A participant driven workshop space where the Collective can propose & deliver workshops on the day (Robot Hacking with the Crumble by Femi age 11)
  • Debate & Critique Tate Exchange Series of Informal Discussions, Talks and Crits (Tate Exchange Discussions and Talks)
  • Online listening platforms Challenge and explore listening experiences (Online listening platforms with Rounded Radio)
  • Guest Collaboration 12:00 - 17:00

ELECTR“O”ACTIVE GRID:  Get hands on making with coding Arduinos at most levels of ability, subverting pound shop toys and creating open source interactive projects that will populate the grid. A collaboration between CYLAND MediaArtsLab artist /engineers from St. Petersburg, UAL Digital Maker Collective members and Hill Mead Primary School in Brixton. ELECTR“O”ACTIVE GRID

London Connected Learning Centre and The Digital Maker Collective, Schools Collaboration: London Connected Learning Centre, part of Education Development Trust, supports schools to use digital technologies to enhance learning. The centre’s Digital Leader Programme supports young people who have taken on a role championing the creative use of digital technologies among their peers, teachers and community. See - Collaboration between Hill Mead Primary School in Brixton, Digital Maker

  • Alumni Project Space 12:00 - 17:00

Welcome to the world of Analogue systems. A creative, immersive and physical take on Adobe photoshop. This new and improved programme allows you to physically enter your soft’wear’ and grants you with the opportunity to make large-scale hand-made posters using analogue photoshop tools. Welcome to the world of Analogue systems

Tech Cluster 12:00 - 17:30

12:00 - 14:15 Virtual Reality Symposium, Virtual Economies: The future of work and play. Virtual Reality can lift us out of our seats and away from our screens – it immerses us in an active, participatory space that is networked and global. How will Virtual Reality shape the future for creative practice and practitioners in Art and Design? How will we work and what will we do to make money? What forms of entertainment will we spend it on? Does VR take us beyond materialism or is it the ultimate in total consumption? Virtual Reality Symposia 02

14:30 - 17:45 What Happens If We Push This? In the creative industries, technology is transforming the way we work and generate economic value. It has the potential to exploit or empower - so what kind of future do we want? Join subject experts, artists and designers to collectively make images and objects that create a vision of our futures. What Happens If We Push This?

Projects Space 12:00 - 17:00 

Gesamt – a digital participatory opera Part 2: Take part in a digital participatory opera with Wimbledon College of Arts and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design via virtual and actual collaboration. Expect singing, talking, costumes, projections, social media, remote presence and digital characters. Gesamt

Virtual Reality (VR) Experiments (Virtual Meets Reality) - A space to experience & co-develop VR projects (some Tate related) together from scratch, come and join staff & students from MA Games Design, LCC and members of the collective as we embark on new collaborative VR projects together in this informal lab/studio style VR environment. Virtual Meets Reality

Wonder Wall 12:00 - 17:30

A space for public interaction and mapping debate and conversations throughout the day. Exchange your ideas in relaxed, intimate and informal discussion and explore related connections across digital projects, concepts and technologies through informal student-led critiques, debate and reflection. Wonder Wall - Student-led Crit

Digital Detox 12:00 - 17:30

A space to relax, meet and chat.

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Video & Live Streaming

THIS EVENT WILL BE LIVE STREAMED: By entering this we will assume your consent to being filmed.

  • The video will be recorded and stored by the UAL.
  • Live streams will be available open to public viewing online https://estream.arts.ac.uk/ 
  • Video documentation will be used for promotion purposes of the UAL Digital Maker Collective      
  • Edited recordings of the live streams will be posted openly online on UAL https://process.arts.ac.uk/ platform

This event is programmed by Digital Maker Collective, a Tate Exchange Associate.

About the Digital Maker Collective

The Digital Maker Collective are a group of artists, designers, staff and students from the University of the Arts London (UAL) who explore emerging digital technologies in arts, education, society and the creative industries.

They are supported by Digital Learning, Teaching & Enhancement at Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges of Arts, UAL.

@tateexchange @CCWDigital #artsDMC #tateJAM

Image by Allison Crank, Shopping in the Ludic Century

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