Terence Quinn

College & Course:

MA Visual Arts - Fine Art Digital 2nd (final) year Camberwell College of Arts

Interests in digital making:

Digital to physical (Digital Fabrication).

3D animation, Augmented/Virtual Reality and Holographic display (Peppers Ghost)

Human form and activity (esp. life model and dance performance) 

Interaction including conductive materials, proximity sensing, voice, video, Internet

Contribution to the Collective:

An active member of Digital Maker Collective including Tate Exchange. Helping others achieve their desired outcomes. 

What you get from the Collective:

Helping others, helps me too: By exchanging ideas and skills. Interdisciplinary activity is essential to broaden ones artistic outlook and produce exceptional interesting outcomes. 

Your website:


Social media links:

Facebook: Terencemquinn

Facebook: Digital Maker Collective

LinkedIn: Terencemquinn

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