DMC at VR Diversity Initiative workshop, Hobs & Here East 19-10-18

On Friday 19th October 2018 members of DMC Immersive were invited by @Hobs3D to @Plexalcity at @HereEast to the VR Diversity Initiative workshop @VRDI_UK event supported by #VRfocus @innovateuk @thecasefarm @RealitiesCentre @htcvive @DeloitteDIGI_UK @oculus @eagle_labs

DMC Immersive shared art school/creative perspectives of immersive technologies and supported the unity and gravity sketch workshop. DMC participants who attended included: Lorent Rezari, Lucy Wheeler, Irina Starkova, Jazmin Morris, Grzesiek Sedek and Chris Follows (Image below by Cheska Lotherington)

DMC Designs by
Tina Touli

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BETA Society designs by
James Ascroft

BETA society designs by
James Ascroft​