DMC 2018/19 campaign kick off meeting

DMC 2018/19 campaign kick off meeting

We have finally settled into our new home and are ready to start the DMC meet ups for the 2018/19 campaign.

Please come along to one of two (one & half hour) kick off meetings on Thursday 11th October in Camberwell at 12pm or 3pm.


Please meet in the: 
Modular Building (Large wooden building in the old playground space)
Digital Projects Space
1 Wilson Road


Kick off meeting agenda

  • Intro to the Playground - Digital Projects Space
  • Update on CCW Makerspaces
  • DMC Mission: Supporting Digital Enterprise & Social Inclusion in the Arts
  • DMC structure:
    • Volunteer facilitators 
    • Acknowledge/reward participation 
    • Organising meet ups 
    • Inclusion
  • DMC communications
  • DMC Incubators
  • DMC Events (Tate, BFI)

If you can make this workshop @TateExchange Saturday 6 Oct it would be really useful for our work at Camberwell and Tate Exchange 2019 -  COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP WITH NATALIE BELL -

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