Daniel Bandfield

College & Course:

Chelsea College of Art, BA Fine Art, Year 3

Interests in digital making:

Digital technology is very important to my practice as a way of facilitating interaction and providing agency to the art work I make. I've used a range of different technologies in my work to date, including: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D programming, artificial intelligece, chat bots and web based art. I believe that programming has a lot of potential within art to enable dynamic encounters where the end result is a collaboration between the artist, the art work and the audience. 

Contribution to the Collective:

I have contributed to and co-led various projects within the Collective. Right now I'm working on a collaborative project where we are creating an easy to use web-based platform for sharing information between digital artworks.

What you get from the Collective:

The most important thing to me is meeting like minded people, although it's also useful to access to equipment that I wouldn't otherwise. 

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