Tate Exchange Production Meeting 14:00 - 17:00 Chelsea MakerSpace 21-02-18

Tate Exchange Production Meeting 14:00 - 17:00 at Chelsea Collaborative MakerSpace 21-02-18 

We will be joined by Tate Exchange (Tex) staff production manager Jane Wells and Tex colleague Adeola. 


Things we need to cover in this meeting (whole group):

  • Update on last week meeting & overview of where we are with the planning
  • Update on external collaborations
  • Event info details for Tate website
  • We need the details of the main DMC team, who is who and doing what of which days
  • We need to agree the final event design, welcome area, way finding
  • Confirmation of rigging location, quantities and if required
  • Deliveries schedule (times can be rough but number and types of vehicles pls)
  • Q&A with Jane & Adeola
    • Install/ get out
    • Overarching premise of the programme 
    • audience invitation and floor activity
    • Kit
    • 10 Minute talks
    • Signage
    • AOB
  • Each group to share a quick update with everyone

In your Incubator and space groups (Groups):

  • Floorplan – including furniture, power, AV kit etc
  • Full Kit list (can be on floor plan)
  • Start to draft programme each day at Tex 

NEXT MEETING: Tate Exchange Proto Type, Test, Demo & Crit DAY 10:00 - 17:00 @Chelsea MakerSpace 22-02-18 (ne need to use the whole day, just an opportunity to develop ideas together)

Where: Chelsea CG01 MakerSpace

Access & Address - For those who do not have UAL ID please email Chris c.follows@arts.ac.uk in advance to let us know you are joining us, you will then need to sign in at the main reception near the main canteen, Atterbury Street entrance. Call 07703887845 if any problems.

Chelsea Collaborative MakerSpace CG01
Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street (use Atterbury Street entrance)
London SW1P 4JU
Find us: http://www.arts.ac.uk/chelsea/about/find-us/

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