Weds 7th Dec 2-5 at Tate Britain - Tate Exchange planning meeting

Tate Britain - Tate Exchange (TeX) Digital Maker Collective planning meeting - WEDS 7th DECEMBER 2pm to 5pm

We had a really productive meeting and a great turn out yesterday 20+ the full agenda of items covered in this meeting and the notes/key take away points from the meeting are below.

Image by Carlos Izsak (MakerCart)
Image by Carlos Izsak (MakerCart)

Notes/key take away points from the meeting:

  • We should all try and visit the Tate exchange week beginning 9th - 15th Jan for the first Tate Exchange Associates event led by Central Saint Martins see info here. (11th Jan being the main day to visit)
  • We should consider how we can start inviting people to the Tate for our events, also how we can let people know in the Tate on the days we are there that something is happening on the 5th floor.
  • Think about how you can document your event/intervention, record photograph also need to talk to Tate about what is ok in terms of photos etc.
  • We have a budget for Tate Exchange essentials:
    • Training staff & students
    • Food and drinks for the event (packed lunches)
    • Van hire (anyone know a UAL van hire solution)
    • Small kit
    • Artstemps support (AV support, runners, on the door, help with event set-up, promotion, web building)
    • Mobile kits like Pi-Top
  • We should have lots of back up AV cables
  • Wifi in the space may be an issue so need to look into having ethrenet cables
  • Timetables - we need to start to plan the timings for all the days activities
  • We should have some project showcase/PechaKucha sessions so we can see what others are doing and how they are developing and provide some critical feedback
  • We need to start trying to capture our journey so if everyone could consider starting sharing reflections via blog or video then please do, this will help us start the process of evaluation now rather then after !
  • Next meeting: Weds 14th Dec Tate Exchange planning meeting at Tate Britain

Meeting Agenda 7/12/16:

  • Who’s who
  • Use of the Tate Taylor Digital Studio on Weds for development sessions


Project Updates:


  • What support do you need
  • Staff & student development/training


  • Tex Tool Kit
  • Equipment
  • Space/position
  • Times/set up take down
  • Transport
  • Student artstemps (admin/event support)

Tate support & collaborations (more details below):

  • Helena Hunter to discuss Tate Exchange: Practice as Research Programme    
  • Rebecca Sinker Curator: when creating a lab-based digital maker session, for a broad drop-in gallery audienc


This will be our first planning meeting at Tate Britain.
Tate have invited us to use the Tate Taylor Digital Studio as a stepping stone for planning & testing Tate Exchange projects.
Tate Digital Learning Team have a lot of experience & insights into hosting public digital projects.

Future meetings we'll invite

  • Helena Hunter (Tate Research Centre) to discuss Tate Exchange: Practice as Research Programme
  • Rebecca Sinker Curator: Digital Learning will come and talk to the UAL Digital Maker Collective about things to think about - interpretation, low barrier entry, diverse audience needs - when creating a lab-based digital maker session, for a broad drop-in gallery audience. 

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