Meet Up Dance, Performance, Movement & Technology 29-11-17 (Chelsea)

About the meet up: Looking at: Dance/Performance/Movement & Technology, as a grounding for a project for our upcoming Tate Exchange in March 2018.

Called by: Izaak BrandtI a professional dancer of over 10 years experience & member of Soul Mavericks ( The UK's leading Breakdance company.

I offer: movement direction/specialism & open to ideas around dance/movement and the application/distortion/enhancement/degrading (etc) of performance through technological input!

When: Wednesday 29th November in the at 12-1:30pm

Where: Chelsea Maker Space  

Documentation: Its important we document all development meetings, workshops and meet-ups best we can (this production documentation will form part of an installation at Tate), please get a list of who participates, take a photo of the meeting, make & share notes. 

Share: Please share/tag on Social Media: Instagram: digitalmakercollective Twitter @CCWDigital FB Facebook - Hashtags: #digitalmakercollective #artsDMC #tateJAM #artsworkofthefuture #CCWMakerSpace #CCWDigital

Provocation: Please align your ideas to a Tate Exchange provocation/question and post updates on your progress on the LOOMIO Tate Exchange 2018 development space, which aims to share all current projects & collaborations based on the work to date (see LOOMIO Recent Threads)

Access & Address: For those who do not have UAL ID please, sign in at the main reception near the main canteen, Atterbury Street entrance. Call 07703887845 if any problems.

Chelsea Collaborative MakerSpace CG01
Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street (use Atterbury Street entrance)
London SW1P 4JU
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